Thursday, 26 March 2015

The more you know

I've recently learned that even a benign tumor  could threaten your life. Because of this it becomes important that you remove or properly treat benign tumors, wherever they are. Do not keep them in your body because they can potentially grow and react in life threatening ways in your body.

Remember we all have a normal level of cancer cells in our bodies. But some benign or good tumors can grow very fast and on organs and bones, preventing them from properly functioning. Another thing is that, even a tiny lump can cause havoc while one the size of a watermelon can be safe. So it's not about the size.

Lastly, while I promote natural path healing, it alone cannot do the job for all cases. Of course neither can Western medicine. What is needed is an integral system balancing the two forms; especially when dealing with tumors. Because tumors can act in ways most researchers haven't seen, it's best not to assume all "tumors" can be treated the same way.

For example, I've learned that some lumps can grow to the size of a cantaloupe and burst open dripping blood.  It can leak for months causing anemia and a wound that needs to be properly cleaned daily with tons of materials to avoid infection.  Many of such tumors can develop on one breast.

In such a case you will need transfusion to battle the anemia. You will need a complex and holistic way to battle such a condition. Drinking organic teas cannot do it alone. And while it could, it would take much longer to do so. Time that your body may not have.

I wish I could live on plants alone. Yes, my ancestors had such knowledge. But we no longer live the same way or in the same world. We don't eat the same food, drink same water, breathe same air nor wear same fabric.

Final word, (different from lastly), it's safer to see a herbalist with an actual office who can examine you. Speaking on phone with someone who is "guessing" your needs based on what you think as wrong is not enough to save your life. While there are risks to all forms of medical treatment, please find ways to decrease the odds.

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