Thursday, 26 March 2015

She called me

On her death bed
needing to conserve energy, she said
but sounded beautifully strong

We spoke about it
but laughed about it more
we loved each other

What was that love?
so much to ponder
why did she call me?

Who is worthy of such a call?
and what honor, grace, blessings this bestole
it's being crowned by angels

How do we proceed with our new relationship?
how do we communicate?
surely I must not forget

The call told me so
and so much more
she was communicating a greater message

She called me beautiful lady, always
she was so much more
so pure, so real, so positive

And her boys?
I'm more mom than aunty now
have to be there, to be her presence

She called on Ghana's Independence Day
giving me freedom to be more, do more, love more
she liberated me

Did she give her life for mine?
why would she call lowly me?
not worthy

Alice is my angel's name
part of my soul forever

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