Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My dearest Alice

When it rains, it pours! My dearest sistar-friend has joined the ancestors. I continue to love her very much and know she is one of my many guardian angels.

I first met this wonderful soul in NYC 18 years ago. We hit it off immediately. She was warm and welcoming with a smile that melted your heart. We eventually both returned to Ghana to live. She was a great aunt to my children. I know I will never forget my beautiful sistar. I know her face is ingrained in my spirit forever. I know she has taught me so much and now her transition has forced me to grow.

1. Pain and suffering should make us better human beings. We shouldn't run from it but embrace the opportunity to grow and learn and become more compassionate.
2. Be kind always. It just never pays not to be.
3. Love and let others feel your love.
4. Be a blessing always.
5. Let your smile be someone's umbrella.
6. Live life like a boss.
7. Let your life be fuel for others to shine.
8. Help! Help! Help!
9. Spread your sunshine.
10. Smile like Alice. A smile that lights her eyes and allows you to feel her spirit.A smile that is pure beauty and comfort.

Alice is such a spirit that her physical departure has only taken our relationship to another level. I look forward to this new stage. I'm very sad and have many questions. But life and death cannot be controlled by me. Instead of living in my grief, I can look forward to developing a relationship with her spirit. I know she has made the spirit world all the more worth joining.

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