Thursday, 26 March 2015

HS around the world

Finally this blog to center the home school movement within the greater discourse on world education, is finally blogging about....drum roll...home school.

Our home school experience  has gone through many great changes in the past six months, which partly caused my silence.

First, we moved to SC, another great historical state. During our time here, we will be studying African American history, visit Guallah Island, Charleston, Catawba Reservation and the Brattonsville living history center.

SC/NC are an extension of the West African coast. They are a continuation of El Mina, Cape Coast and part of the slave dungeon history. They answer the questions what happened to those Africans? What did they become? Did they thrive? The coasts tell one part of the story and SC/NC tell the other half.

While here, we learned what became of some of our ancestors. We recently learned about a 100 year old former share cropper woman with a second grade education. She is still living and grew up with knowledge of an African language.

Carolinians showcase their West African roots by their warmth and mannerisms. But most importantly, they are part of the African world. There is much to see and learn on this side. I would love to be able to move to Haiti next.

Imagine living history; instead of just reading it. It would be like a living book and each country a chapter. The table of content would read like this:

1. Ghana: study the beginning
2. SC/NC: Africans as slaves, free and citizens
3. Haiti: Need I say more?
4. A Caribbean island where Africans and Native Americans intermarried and developed new group.

And from there, we would return to the Continent, maybe Madagascar to study fauna. I hope my hubby reads this blog. I love you babe!

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